Mentoring is at the heart of what we do! We offer one-on-one, group and peer mentoring. Imagine Me is designed specifically for the mentoring relationship to last at least  2 -3 years with mentors following their girl as they progress from middle school to high school and beyond.


One-on-One Mentoring

In our one-on-one matches, communication (i.e. phone, email or in-person) between mentor and mentee occurs on a weekly basis and in-person contact is to occur on no less than a monthly basis, some of which may include after-school and out-of-school group activities.


Group & Peer Mentoring

In the group mentoring format, girls participate as a group on a regular basis (i.e. weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) with select female mentors that facilitate group sessions and activities at select sites. Relationships and bonds are created through the consistent positive interactions in a group setting. The peer influence is enhanced in an environment that fosters positive camaraderie which proves to be contagious and impactful for the individual girl and the group as a whole.


Mentor and Mentee Training

Training for mentors and mentees is provided prior to being matched and continues every quarter. The mentors participate in support groups quarterly to strengthen and increase longevity of mentor-mentee relationships. Parents are involved in the mentor – mentee relationship and invited to participate in specific components of the mentoring program.


What are the Benefits?


For the Mentee –

The benefits of mentoring and positively influencing a young person are far-reaching and priceless. Research has proven that below are just some of the benefits for a young person who is in a committed long-term mentoring relationship -


  • academic and professional achievement

  • positive developments in character and social skills

  • improved family relations   

  • a decrease in negative behaviors,

  • leadership development

  • the instilling of constructive v. destructive coping skills


For the Mentor –

Can you really put into words the feeling one receives from positively impacting a young person’s life and being able to look at them and know that you had something to do with their successes, seeing them overcome obstacles and understand that your influence in their life is ingrained and will leave a legacy for generations to come? NO!


The primary goals of our mentors are to encourage moral and Biblical principles that can be used for a lifetime and demonstrate good decisions so that Imagine Me girls will impact the world by keeping the cycle going and becoming mentors themselves.

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